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Моды варбанд крусадер - аудиокниги н фоменко

Apr 9, 2012 Hello, This is a mod about crusaders and their era.With tons of new items( weapons, armours, horses,e.t.c.) and an original map of the Holy. This mod occupies time periods between Fourth (1202-1204) and He moved on M&B from Warband that theme, too, so you should update. Browse and play mods created for Mount & Blade: Warband Jan 1, 2013 I always wanted a mod based on the crusade like those i found for Mount & Blade on the map since there is no map editor for warband.

Crusader - Sacra Regna (ex name: Sed Doloris, Sed Sanguis) is a Mount & Blade Warband mod set in the Middle Ages, in the area called "the Holy Land". Now. Aug 19, 2015 Steam Workshop: Mount & Blade: Warband. This mod changes the setting of Mount and Blade to that of the late 12th century Kingdom. This mod occupies time periods between Fourth (1202-1204) and Fifth (1217- 1221) Crusades. It starts at 1206 and lasts till 1217. Like warriors

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