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8 i INDEX OF PATENTS, 1900 Aagaard, Lelf. and H. Espenachled. to Method for making titanium borlde Cellular sur- facp^coverings having an ernbos. What is the name of the preloaded music (mp3) player on this tablet. 2 answers. Report. My son managed to uninstall it, and I want to get it back on the tablet. Buttons of cellular or smart phones are not less than a 5x5 square, but users often make MP3 players, game phones, and portable multimedia players. (12) Park, H., Moon, H.C. and Lee, J.Y., 2009, Tangible augmented prototyping. May 10, 2016 The Samsung Galaxy J3 is an affordable AT&T phone with the latest Android software and super-long battery.

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